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The Lustro 200W Box Mod by Asmodus incorporates several innovations that starts a trend of advanced, high tech devices with features that turn a vaporizer from a simple nicotine-delivery device into a modern piece of technology similar to a smartphone or laptop.

One of the main features includes the IR (infrared) sensor that allows of a futuristic hands-free method of control that does not require the user to use the touch screen to interact with their device, turning your everyday vaping session into something you would see in a sci-fi movie. Simply by waving your hand in front of the device, you navigate through the menu or switch firing modes. If you're not into that, you can switch that feature off so you're not forced to use it either.

The color-changing LED strip located to the left of the display provides a degree of customization that grants the user the ability to make each Lustro their own. You can change it to Red, Green or Blue and it will gradually go from the bottom to the top as the mod fires, giving the user an easy way to estimate just how long their hits are without keeping their eyes glued to the display. Behind the firing button is another LED that will always match the color of the stripe, and can be set to stay lit for up to 10 seconds after the mod stops firing. In addition to these two color LEDS that activate upon firing, the Lustro is also equipped with a flashlight on the bottom of the device that has two levels of brightness.

Driven by the GX-200-HUT chipset and powered by two high-drain 18650 batteries (NOT INCLUDED), the Lustro has the potential to reach a maximum of 200 watts and features an easy-to-read speedometer inspired color touch screen. Cycling through the different firing modes can be done by using the aforementioned IR sensor hands-free method or by swiping the mode option located at the top of the screen.

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