July 1st, 2024: Prices will be increasing

Understanding the Federal Excise Tax Increase on E-Liquids and Disposables

On July 1st, 2024, the federal government will be implementing a significant increase in the excise tax on e-liquids and disposables, marking a 12% hike. This increase is set to affect the entire industry and will inevitably impact the prices of these products across Canada.

Provincial Variations and Alberta's Position

While the federal excise tax increase applies nationwide, various provinces have introduced or are planning to introduce their own provincial excise taxes on e-liquids and disposables. Fortunately, Alberta has not yet implemented such a provincial tax. This means that for now, businesses in Alberta will only need to adjust their prices to account for the federal tax increase.

Impact on Prices

As a result of the federal excise tax increase, our prices for e-liquids and disposables will inevitably go up. This is necessary to cover the additional cost imposed by the tax.

Shipping Restrictions

Due to the varying provincial excise taxes, we will be unable to offer shipping to provinces that have implemented their own additional excise taxes on these products. This restriction is essential to comply with the differing tax regulations across the country and to avoid any legal complications. Those in provinces with their own excise taxes will need to seek local suppliers.

These are the provinces we will no longer be able to ship to at this time:

Northwest Territories 

We understand in our current economy this news is not a welcome one, we have done our very best here at Evolution Vape to keep our e-liquid prices some of the lowest in the city, and keep our disposable and hardware selection competitive, but there is only so much a small business can take. We apologize to our loyal customers but unfortunately this price increase is out of our hands.